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Problems with building materials are quickly resolved by KASTOS

Do you want to start construction, improve a site, but do not know where to get materials? KASTOS sells high-quality raw materials for construction, landscape design, and soil fertility at affordable prices.

We will help you with improvements

Zealous owners use every summer day to arrange their territory. This is the optimal time to improve the road infrastructure, carry out assembly and construction, grading and levelling. They must not forget about the need for timely mowing of greenery.

KASTOS offers effective preparation for construction work

Summer is an ideal time for construction work. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to execute them by yourself, as this is a rather complicated and     mission-critical process. To make your dreams come true, it is recommended that you contact KASTOS. We provide a wide range of services, including:

Summer season and construction season are open!

With the onset of heat, it is time for construction and country work. Are you planning something ground-breaking or just decided to do landscaping? High-quality bulk building materials will come in handy. We offer sand, rich black soil, crushed stone, pebbles, gravel with convenient and inexpensive delivery throughout Latvia.

Time to build!

Springtime is an excellent time to start construction. The construction season has already begun, and if you have certain plans, it is better to start their implementation right now!

Career sand. Spheres of application of washed sand

Washed sand is very popular with decorating of suburban areas. More often it is intended for the creation of individual sites and garden paths near the house.

Usage of pebble in the garden

Does your garden require a reformation and some rethinking? Usage of pebbles in different shape, size and color will be very useful in decorating the homestead territory.

How to use the black earth properly

In our company, you can buy fertile black soil on favorable terms today, and tomorrow your garden will thank you generously.

Grass mowing

The company Kastos will perform high quality grass mowing.
You may think that mowing of the grass is simple, but in fact this occupation is quite difficult and you can face a number of difficulties.


Pebbles are an excellent decorative material, which has become widespread in the field of landscape design. This unique material can be used to design a wide variety of site elements.

Crushed stone

Crushed stone is a natural loose inorganic material. A mineral obtained by weathering and subsequent crushing of diverse rocks under natural conditions and forcibly.

Spring is a glorious time of the year!

Spring is a glorious time of the year! After the winter colds nature is awakening and time for opening another summer season is arriving. This is the time when demand for building materials starts to increase, as well as for black soil.

The construction season is just around the corner!

Winter has not receded yet, but the construction season is just around the corner!

Quarry sand

Kastos Company sells washed sand used for road construction, filling of foundations,
raising the level of the plot, at an affordable price.

Measuring device theodolite

Measuring device theodolite can be compared to a tachometer that is used in construction works, functions and accuracy are the same, but it is easier to use a theodolite.

We have expanded quarry

We have expanded quarry “Jaunviesītes” and two times increased volumes of obtained building materials.

Special offer

Washed sand used for the construction of roads, filling foundations, raising the level of land plot, the price 3,2 € / m3

We have conducted a rebranding

Development involves different kinds of changes, so in July 2016 the company "KASTOS" has performed rebranding. Its result was a new corporate identity and website.