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Measuring device theodolite

Measuring device theodolite can be compared to a tachometer that is used in construction works, functions and accuracy are the same, but it is easier to use a theodolite. Theodolite is actively used in the construction of high-rise buildings, access roads, for the alignment of angle of railroad tracks, pouring concrete and concreting piles, digging pits for the foundation, as well as for general examination of already constructed room floor coverage. Its high-precision is needed to establish the right level of backfilling of the foundation, thus enabling a faster start of the main construction works.

Measuring capabilities of theodolite can replace the following tools: total station, dumpy level, rangefinder. Its functions enable even novice users to make measures of angles in the premises and the distance between them, using only the eyepiece. Ground plan includes measuring elevations at different distances, placing temporary focal signs. All services provided by means of a theodolite are highly professional engineering works carried out in accordance with the norms of modern design.