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"Quality, responsibility, speed!"

- the motto under which the company "KASTOS" works in Marupes parish for more than 9 years. In the course of its development, the company was engaged in two main activities - renting of agricultural and construction machinery, as well as mining.

Since 2010 the company "KASTOS" is producing and delivering sand, black earth and other strewed building materials of high quality, for which it uses a fleet of specialized vehicles. This includes not only tractors but also machines for seasonal types of work (snow removal, grass mowing) - loaders, excavators, trucks. For high-quality performance the fleet is updated regularly, it ensures new orders. For example, company started to develop a sand pit “Jaunviesītes” in 2013. High-quality and timely execution of the works, as well as sustainable prosperity of the company not only brings profit to its owner, but also provides a stable development of business in Marupes parish, gives jobs to talented, active and determined people of the region, as well as regularly fills the local budget through tax deductions.