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Mowing the lawns, snow clearance

Mowing the lawns

At first sight it may seem that mow the grass is easy enough, but in reality, this activity can cause various difficulties, especially if you do it the first time. Various cheap trimmers for gardens are often designed to systematically mow the area (about once a week). If the grass was not mown for more than two weeks to use the trimmer is almost impossible.

Our professionals will help you to avoid such difficulties. For the mowing we use a tractor with a rotary mower (width 1.9 m), which easily copes with undergrowth up to 30-40 mm thick.


Snow clearance

Cleaning the snow in the winter is a complex of measures, which are directly associated with the cleaning and removal of snow masses from the customer's premises to a special disposal site. Often, cleaning snow masses must be done by public services of the city, but because of their heavy workload, they are not always able to quickly clear a lot of areas. For this reason, many private firms and individuals seek for help of specialized organizations to ensure the implementation of the works on cleaning of territories from the snowpack, ice and other debris. Choosing organization, we should not forget that the company is obliged to meet many requirements that apply to the level of their qualifications. One of them is the presence of the fleet of machinery and equipment for snow removal, as well as qualified cleaners- drivers.

The company "KASTOS" performs all the work with high quality and efficiency, but also carefully and gently applies to architectural elements, fences and elements hidden by snow.