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What is grading?

If the land owner is not satisfied with relief than the grounding must be performed. Grounding- is the process of artificially altering the site topography. Such work is needed to create the best conditions, for carrying out communications, or to give a more beautiful view to the site. Drainage of wetlands, irrigation of arid soil, etc. carried out during grounding. It also creates a small deviation to regulate the excess moisture in the soil.


Grounding stages

Grounding is a process in which various types of work are performed. They are usually divided into stages. Evaluation of relief, through which you can see exactly what further work is necessary to make, perform a draft and plan.

Shooting of the area is the next step. It allows assessing the scope of work, to make the markup, and then proceed to the removal of stumps, filling gullies, terracing of area.

Planning and garbage removing is the next stage.

And, the final stage is sanding or graveling, preparation for planting a lawn.

Our specialists will perform all the work. We perform grounding quickly and efficiently. Universal loader Cat helps to cope with grounding, and greatly facilitates it.