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Digging of foundation ditch and backfilling the foundation

Features of digging the foundation ditch

The choice of developing the soil depends on characteristics of the facilities and depth of the foundation of the building. For tape and columnar foundations that are located not very deeply ditch is made by hands. Digging ditches for deep foundations and buildings with basement floor are performed in mechanized way. When digging the foundation ditch it is important to consider the location of power lines, for the wires not to be caught in the radius of the excavator operations. Rake the soil is placed at a distance of more than a meter from the edge of the ditch. Digging the ditch with vertical walls in the absence of fasteners is performed in optimal, natural moisture of the soil. It is important to prevent ingress of ground water.

Due to the tremendous experience we:

- Dig ditches quickly. With modern equipment, our company carries out effectively the development of soil and trenching. Using the universal loader Cat, we are significantly reducing the development time;

- Correctly backfill the foundation. Experienced specialists perform competent backfill of the foundation.