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Spring is a glorious time of the year!

After the winter colds nature is awakening and time for opening another summer season is arriving. This is the time when demand for building materials starts to increase, as well as for black soil.

Black soil is a type of soil rich in humus and therefore this fertile soil with useful substances is always in demand among gardeners. A substance such as humic acid in the soil has many nutritional elements, so that its use will have a beneficial effect on the future harvest of vegetables and tree fruits.
We pay great attention to the quality of the soil and monitor its condition, so you can be sure that our black soil has a high fertility.
Kastos Company offers its customers the opportunity to buy black soil with its following delivery on fairly favourable terms, because the whole range of services such as export, transportation and subsequent delivery of black soil to its destination place is being carried out on our own transport.
Also you can order from us some necessary building materials, such as washed sand, crushed stone, gravel and pebbles at fairly reasonable prices.
In order to get acquainted with the prices, methods of delivery of black soil and necessary building materials in more detail, please contact us by phone:
+371 282 555 42