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Quarry sand

Quarry sand is highly demanded material that is mined in open pits using special equipment. Due to the affordable price and high prevalence, it is widely used in a wide range of construction works.

Types of sand in the construction are classified by the size of its grains, the way it is processed, the composition. Based on the size of the grains, sands are graded as fine (diameter 2 mm), medium (2-2.8 mm) and coarse (5 mm) sand. The following types of processing are distinguished:

 - Screened. It is obtained as a result of screening through the system of special sieves.

 - Washed. By means of special equipment, the sand is washed with water.

Depending on the grain composition, these types of sand are distinguished: quartz (in high demand in construction works), limestone, feldspar, dolomite, and mica-quartz.                         

How sand is extracted
In Latvia, we mine quarry sand by open method directly from the places of its natural deposits. For these purposes, special machinery is used, which is owned by our company, which significantly reduces the cost of sand.

We develop quarries focusing on the map of geological research. Measurements are made that determine the quality and content of sand.

Ways to improve sand
In general, quarry sand has low technical parameters. This is due to the fact that it includes a huge amount of unnecessary impurities. To improve these indicators, additional sand processing methods are used. Performing screening, the screened quarry sand is obtained. This makes it possible to achieve homogeneity of the composition, eliminating stones or cumbersome fragments of rocks. This sand is used when it is necessary to prepare building mixtures, when laying foundations. It is possible to receive after washing it with a significant amount of water. Thus, the washing sand becomes technically similar to river sand. This component is used in the construction of buildings and in roadway works.

Kastos Company sells washed sand used for road construction, filling of foundations, raising the level of the plot, at an affordable price.